Help us improve health

and minimize waste.

Delivery - Shipping and Handling Fees can be found below.

Until we are available everywhere, we will deliver our products to our retail customers.

Doesn't everyone?  Well unfortunately, yes.  So we will too, for now.  We think getting our story out to as many people as possible is worth it.  Shipping now will help spread the "buzz" about our Safe Cleaning Project and help more people join the cause to "REUSE for ZERO-WASTE!"


In the meantime, Elemental Essentialz® will be adding more and more local markets to our list of retailers. We want to be whipping up your household cleaners from scratch and pouring them right into your own reusable bottles... but it is going to take a little time.


You can help Elemental Essentialz go local!

Have your local store manager contact us and request our products.  If they do, and give us your contact information, we will gladly send one last shipment, to you - free of charge!

That's local... not loco... "Go Local!"

Bulk before bulk was cool.

We appreciate the enormous benefits, and want to participate in, the movement to "Go Local".


Shopping locally supports your friends, neighbors, family, firemen, policemen, teachers, etc.


It also decreases the need for wasteful packaging and shipping, while motivating businesses to cater to the needs of each individual community.




Help us improve health & minimize waste!

Until we are in your local markets, we are doing our best to minimize fuel consumption and packaging waste. Please help us, and reduce your shipping costs, by ordering higher quantities - less often.  One popular way to to this is by "pooling" together with your friends and family.  


For example:  If you and 5 of your friends and family each order 1 bottle separately, shipping charges can exceed $50.00.  If however, you all order together, shipping costs are reduced to $16.50.  This also results in the need for 1 box vs. 6 boxes and uses less space on the truck.

Estimated Shipping and Handling Fees

The following charges cover the additional costs of shipping, packing materials, warehousing and processing.

While we have a shipping price quoted for 1 bottle, we would prefer to send 2 or 4, for reasons we've already mentioned.  In addition, shipping even numbers of bottles keeps them safe and cozy.


1 bottle


$ 8.50 

2 bottles $10.50
4 bottles $12.50
6 bottles $16.50
12 bottles (1 case) $28.50
24 bottles (2 cases) $43.50
36 bottles (3 cases) $60.50
48 bottles (4 cases) $79.00

If you are ordering by the case, please contact us by using the contact form or via email at  We will provide you with a special discounted quote based on the amount of your order and your distance from our warehouse in the center of McKinney.


We are currently pursuing satellite locations near San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and the East Coast.  We'd love to hear of other cities that are ready to support our Safe Cleaning Project and join the movement to "REUSE for ZERO-WASTE!"


It's ECO-friendly & ECO-nomical.

Safe, Effective & Zero-Waste Household Cleaning Products

REUSE & REFILL our bottles at participating retailers*  It's ECO-friendly & ECO-nomical

NEW! Handmade Coconut Milk Soaps, Lotions and Lip Love

Our Earth Day Dallas Booth was a favorite. We smelled amazing thanks to our Lavender, Lavender Mint, Garden of Eden and LemonGrass Coconut Soaps and Shea Butter Lotions.  Our Lip Loves; in Cinnamon Gingermint, Citrus Punch & Dreamsicle, are also available for purchase.

Small Business Blooper Reel.

For the cutest pronunciation of "eco-friendly" and "little heart", watch my niece in our commercial blooper reel.

Credit Card & Paypal Purchases Now Available!

Just in time for Spring Cleaning!

Elemental Essentialz® gets a long awaited makeover.

Farewell to our original design.

Our bottles are incognito until the big REVEAL...

Okay, we can't help it. Here's a sneak peak.


Special thanks to HUGHES DESIGN GROUP; you are the most generous and artistic design group in the universe!

We are proud to support The Children's Heart Foundation.  For more information or to contribute, visit

FREE for Family - Products Give Away

Join our Elemental Essentialz® social family and add your name to the list of possible winners.

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