We are the Elemental Essentialz team and would like to introduce ourselves.

Spoiler Alert:  We're still in our infancy... 

"Poison in our homes & unnecessary waste in our landfills are unacceptable."

Theresa Harris – Chief Alchemist & Master of Some


As a chemistry teacher and former developmental specialist, EE’s Founder and CEO, Theresa Harris, saw firsthand the increase in developmental delays and disorders. With research linking chemicals found in our homes to an increase in various health issues, she felt an obligation to take what she knew and formulate cleaners that were both safe and effective.  

The one on the right is NOT on our advisory board.

Elemental Essentialz' Advisory Board


EE’s advisory board consists of a group of dedicated, knowledgeable and passionately supportive individuals with a variety of backgrounds and experience, including environmental science, business development and ownership, marketing, management, sales, design, engineering, chemistry, health and nutrition, law, logistics and distribution.  The truth is, without this very generous and motivated group of individuals, Elemental Essentialz would have remained a simply wonderful idea or hobby.  It is the team’s shared creativity, passion and work ethic, which has brought EE to life and turned a dream into reality. 

Business Partners

We would like to recognize this special group of people and their businesses for supporting and nurturing Elemental Essentialz in our infancy.

Hughes Design Group




Murray Label & Printing, Ltd.


Landon Winery





A little comic relief...

"Taxes frighten me."

Theresa "Pointou" - Financial Imagery Maven

Theresa always loved math - the fun kind - heats of formation, calorimetry, limiting reagents, etc.  Balancing spreadsheets, forcasting sales and determining net worth offers almost none of that... not in Quicken anyway. She has been heard whispering repeatedly, "Taxes frighten me.", punctuating the statement with her pouty face.


For those of you who enjoy this side of math... HELP!  We will more than likely be filling this position very soon. 

"These ARE the safe cleaning products you're looking for."

Theresa "Mandino" – Champion Cheerleader and Force Lord


Chemistry Geeks aren't typically sales people.  No exception here.  However, with Theresa's unparalled enthusiasm for our project and uncanny ability to wield The Force, she has turned many a grocery manager on to Elemental Essentialz.

Visit our FAQs to see the answer to this recent question.

There are bad questions.

Safe, Effective & Zero-Waste Household Cleaning Products

REUSE & REFILL our bottles at participating retailers*  It's ECO-friendly & ECO-nomical

NEW! Handmade Coconut Milk Soaps, Lotions and Lip Love

Our Earth Day Dallas Booth was a favorite. We smelled amazing thanks to our Lavender, Lavender Mint, Garden of Eden and LemonGrass Coconut Soaps and Shea Butter Lotions.  Our Lip Loves; in Cinnamon Gingermint, Citrus Punch & Dreamsicle, are also available for purchase.

Small Business Blooper Reel.

For the cutest pronunciation of "eco-friendly" and "little heart", watch my niece in our commercial blooper reel.

Credit Card & Paypal Purchases Now Available!

Just in time for Spring Cleaning!

Elemental Essentialz® gets a long awaited makeover.

Farewell to our original design.

Our bottles are incognito until the big REVEAL...

Okay, we can't help it. Here's a sneak peak.


Special thanks to HUGHES DESIGN GROUP; you are the most generous and artistic design group in the universe!

We are proud to support The Children's Heart Foundation.  For more information or to contribute, visit

FREE for Family - Products Give Away

Join our Elemental Essentialz® social family and add your name to the list of possible winners.

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It is very easy to get in touch with us. Call +1 214 4986232 or write to us using the Contact Form.

Product Catalog

For product pictures and more details, check out our product catalog.

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