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There are so many decisions being made. In order to not overwhelm ourselves with what needs to be done and when, we simplify the process by reminding ourselves what is most important.


As we prioritize our tasks, we are driven by our mission, the shortest version with the broadest strokes being:



"Improve health, minimize energy consumption and decrease waste."

Supporting our Community


Elemental Essentialz is committed to our success and the success of our customers.  We believe this commitment extends beyond our products. Elemental Essentialz is a proud supporter of The Children’s Heart Foundation and pledges to donate 5% of our profits to this organization.  


Plans for 2012 also include establishing a partnership with local cleaning companies to provide complimentary cleaning services for parents of children with autism and/or other disabilities.  We plan to organize this service through the local school districts and community outreach programs.


Elemental Essentialz will be present in the communities where we are sold.  This includes organizing and participating in local events focusing on the environment, health and zero-waste initiatives. 

Improving Health

Currently our products offer a safer way to "clean from scratch." Our ingredients are wholesome. A majority of them can be found in your very own kitchens.


In the early days, my brother "product tested" some of our formulas by drinking them. I promise I did not ask or force him to do this. Another of his "tests', one of my favorites, for our Granite and Glass Cleaner, occurred during a family party.  A cheese ball in hand, he promptly smeared it down my sister's back door window, smiled, and waited for me to clean it up.


While I appreciated his antics, we have since moved on, and are using a more scientific method to guarantee safe and effective products.  Currently, we work with a manufacturer/lab that specializes in research and development. We are very grateful for their dedication to quality, technology and innovations in processing.  Their willingness to gain new knowledge, and share it, keeps them, and us, on the cutting edge.

Minimizing Energy Consumption

One of our very first decisions, based on the opinions of our customers, was to package without plastic containers.  I realize there are as many opinions out there about plastic, as there are types of plastic.  Bottom line, there are alternatives.  We chose reused wine bottles.


It takes 5% of the total energy consumption to renew a wine bottle compared to manufacturing one brand new, a fact I learned after making my decision. Initially, the idea came to me in a restaurant as I watched bottle after bottle go from table to trash.  For more information on how we chose reused wine bottles, visit Minimizing Energy Consumption.


I want to thank Landon WInery and ZinZin Winery.   They are both in McKinney and have generously donated hundreds upon hundreds of bottles, and continue to do so.

Decreasing Waste


For us, the decision to provide our product in packaging that would never have to end up in a landfill was an easy one. Visit Decreasing Waste for more information.


The fact is, on average, the American consumer throws away 30 pounds of garbage per week. To put it in perspective, we could cover the great, and by great I mean big, state of Texas two and a half times with our nation’s garbage. This does not include industrial or commercial trash.


The majority of that garbage comes from packaging. Really? I had my aha moment in that restaurant, struggling over the cost of different packaging options and watching that same packaging getting thrown away, ultimately ending up in a landfill, stinking up some poor neighbor's backyard.  I decided then and there, I did not want to, nor would I, pay money to negatively impact my community.

Safe, Effective & Zero-Waste Household Cleaning Products

REUSE & REFILL our bottles at participating retailers*  It's ECO-friendly & ECO-nomical

NEW! Handmade Coconut Milk Soaps, Lotions and Lip Love

Our Earth Day Dallas Booth was a favorite. We smelled amazing thanks to our Lavender, Lavender Mint, Garden of Eden and LemonGrass Coconut Soaps and Shea Butter Lotions.  Our Lip Loves; in Cinnamon Gingermint, Citrus Punch & Dreamsicle, are also available for purchase.

Small Business Blooper Reel.

For the cutest pronunciation of "eco-friendly" and "little heart", watch my niece in our commercial blooper reel.

Credit Card & Paypal Purchases Now Available!

Just in time for Spring Cleaning!

Elemental Essentialz® gets a long awaited makeover.

Farewell to our original design.

Our bottles are incognito until the big REVEAL...

Okay, we can't help it. Here's a sneak peak.


Special thanks to HUGHES DESIGN GROUP; you are the most generous and artistic design group in the universe!

We are proud to support The Children's Heart Foundation.  For more information or to contribute, visit

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