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Elemental Essentialz® exists to develop, manufacture and make available, safe and effective household cleaning products. Throughout all of our processes, from researching initial concepts, through devopment and manufacture, to distribution and use of our final products by consumers, our decisions and actions will improve the health of our customers and employees, decrease energy consumption, and minimize waste.


We want to improve health and waste nothing.  We are, and will remain - Smart.  Different.  Beautiful.




Elemental Essentialz will be around to celebrate its 100th birthday! 

We are more than a business making and selling products.  Ours is an effort to help consumers bridge the gap between knowing what is right and being able to achieve it.


Currently, this is realized in the cleaning products we develop. We are decreasing harmful components in products we bring into our homes, reusing available resources rather than making new, and eliminating packaging waste by using sustainable resources.


Our room for growth is limitless.

Immediately this includes the number and types of products we offer. It also includes our various delivery options. In the near future we will be considering alternative methods of distribution, searching for smarter transportation avenues and researching concentrated formulas and alternative packaging materials. Beyond those milestones, we will have achieved methods and practices applicable to many other ventures.


We want to remain new and unpredictable. We want to avoid making choices because they are expected or easy. We want to make available useful and stunning products. As the needs of the consumer change so will the challenges facing our environment. We are poised and committed to remain one step ahead.


We are, and will remain the bridge between what is right and the ability to achieve it. 

Safe, Effective & Zero-Waste Household Cleaning Products

REUSE & REFILL our bottles at participating retailers*  It's ECO-friendly & ECO-nomical

NEW! Handmade Coconut Milk Soaps, Lotions and Lip Love

Our Earth Day Dallas Booth was a favorite. We smelled amazing thanks to our Lavender, Lavender Mint, Garden of Eden and LemonGrass Coconut Soaps and Shea Butter Lotions.  Our Lip Loves; in Cinnamon Gingermint, Citrus Punch & Dreamsicle, are also available for purchase.

Small Business Blooper Reel.

For the cutest pronunciation of "eco-friendly" and "little heart", watch my niece in our commercial blooper reel.

Credit Card & Paypal Purchases Now Available!

Just in time for Spring Cleaning!

Elemental Essentialz® gets a long awaited makeover.

Farewell to our original design.

Our bottles are incognito until the big REVEAL...

Okay, we can't help it. Here's a sneak peak.


Special thanks to HUGHES DESIGN GROUP; you are the most generous and artistic design group in the universe!

We are proud to support The Children's Heart Foundation.  For more information or to contribute, visit

FREE for Family - Products Give Away

Join our Elemental Essentialz® social family and add your name to the list of possible winners.

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