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Wow, was Elemental Essentialz® founded by triplets?


Yes. Triplets all named Theresa. Wondering why someone asked this question? Or want more information on our real history and team?  Click here.

How did you choose which ingredients to use?

As a chemistry teacher, I knew basic kitchen ingredients could be used to clean, as well as eaten.  Since safety is one of our major concerns that's where we started.  In order to prolong shelf life, improve stability, and make sure they work, we did add other ingredients that are NOT edible, so please don't eat or drink our products - no matter how delicious they look!  For a complete list of our ingredients and why we chose them click below.

Why do we use that?
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How do I place an order with you?
You can place an order by phone, by fax, or online. Please find our contact numbers on the contact information page. However, the most convenient way to order is online. Just click on order.  

Can I find Elemental Essentialz® in my regular grocery store?

Check here, to see if your local market is one of our current retailers.  If not, simply request that Elemental Essentialz® be made available at your local market.  The store's grocery manager can usually start the process, or give you the name of someone who can.  If they contact us and start carrying our products, we will gladly send you one last shipment, on the house!


Why did the Glass & Granite Cleaner streak the first time I used it?

Sometimes, depending on the product used in the past, there is a residue left on your surfaces.  Yuck! Simply clean according to the instructions and repeat.  After the residue is removed, cleaning will be a breeze.  You can even leave your windows and mirrors slightly wet.  Check back in a few minutes and they will be crystal clear.


My Soft Scrubbing Cleaner has stuff stuck to the bottom.  Why? Will it still work?

Since Elemental Essentialz® cleaners are so simple and safe, they do not contain the added chemicals typically used to completely dissolve larger particles and keep them dissolved.  The mixture will settle like most things natural - think sand and water.  Try shaking the mess out of it.  After burning a few extra calories and toning up those arms you can stand it on its head for a while, in the corner, if you are particularly frustrated.  If you absolutely can not wait, use a skewer, or something else long and narrow to stir up the bottom.  I've used a wire hanger before - it works great, and I have a great excuse not to use it in my closet anymore.  Once you have loosened it once, it shouldn't be as difficult to shake up in the future. If it insists, and remains slightly separated, have no fear.  It will still do the job and rinse completely, leaving no spots.


Do you use any lemon or other citrus oils?

Nope.  Part of who we are, and how we want to remain, is "different". The essential oils we add serve purposes other than just smelling pretty.  We have chosen oils that will help make our products more effective and leave very light aromas that are appropriate in the kitchen like rosemary and peppermint.


Plus, I'll never forget how, as a child stuck washing the dishes, the combination of hot, soapy, lemons always made me nauseous.  Gag.

Where do you deliver the merchandise?
We prefer delivering locally but can also deliver to locations outside of the DFW area.  We are currently pursuing satellite locations near San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and the East Coast in order to minimize our use of non-renewable resources due to shipping. Check out our delivery page for more information on our delivery options and terms.

What are your return conditions?
If the merchandise was damaged during delivery, we will reimburse you for the damaged goods.

How fast can you deliver?
Most items will be shipped via FedEx Ground and will arrive in 3 - 5 days after processing and order confirmation. Please allow 1 business day for processing.


Safe, Effective & Zero-Waste Household Cleaning Products

REUSE & REFILL our bottles at participating retailers*  It's ECO-friendly & ECO-nomical

NEW! Handmade Coconut Milk Soaps, Lotions and Lip Love

Our Earth Day Dallas Booth was a favorite. We smelled amazing thanks to our Lavender, Lavender Mint, Garden of Eden and LemonGrass Coconut Soaps and Shea Butter Lotions.  Our Lip Loves; in Cinnamon Gingermint, Citrus Punch & Dreamsicle, are also available for purchase.

Small Business Blooper Reel.

For the cutest pronunciation of "eco-friendly" and "little heart", watch my niece in our commercial blooper reel.

Credit Card & Paypal Purchases Now Available!

Just in time for Spring Cleaning!

Elemental Essentialz® gets a long awaited makeover.

Farewell to our original design.

Our bottles are incognito until the big REVEAL...

Okay, we can't help it. Here's a sneak peak.


Special thanks to HUGHES DESIGN GROUP; you are the most generous and artistic design group in the universe!

We are proud to support The Children's Heart Foundation.  For more information or to contribute, visit

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