About us

Safe. Different. Beautiful.

Elemental Essentialz serves you and the world we live in by providing safe and effective household cleaning essentials in packaging that will never add plastic waste to our landfills or oceans.


We are more than a business making and selling products. Ours is an effort to help bridge the gap between knowing what is right and being able to achieve it. We are decreasing harmful components in household products, reusing resources wherever possible and eliminating the need for packaging waste. As the needs of the consumer change so will the challenges facing our environment. Elemental Essentialz is poised and committed to remain one step ahead.


We are growing and learning at a phenomonal pace. We look forward to this exciting time of change: change in how we care for our families and change in how we care for our planet.


We look forward to this great journey!


Our Story


Elemental Essentialz® was born in March of 2011, the result of a Chemistry Teacher's spring break project and some dumpster diving. As a former develpmental intervention specialist and science teacher, Theresa Harris saw first hand the increase in developmental and health problems and knew research was linking many hidden chemicals in our homes to these issues. Knowing that basic kitchen ingredients could be whipped together to clean house, she started to play around with some formulas and developed what would become our first 2 products: All Purpose Cleaner and Glass and Granite Cleaner. 




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