About us

Safe. Different. Beautiful.

Our products were initially inspired by a desire to revisit earlier, simpler times. The changing economy gave us a gental push as we realized it was actually more cost-effective to go "natural". We quickly discovered even greater benefits - safer products for our families and improvements in how we treated our planet.


As the demand for more natural and economically sound products grew, Elemental Essentialz® was born. Today, just as any other newborn, we are growing and learning at a phenomonal pace. We look forward to this exciting time of change; change in how we care for our families and change in how we care for our planet.


We look forward to this great journey!


Our Story


Elemental Essentialz® was founded by Theresa Harris, a former high school chemistry teacher with a vision. She wanted to use cleaning products in her home that contained fewer harmful chemicals and were still effective.


Theresa decided to use her scientific knowledge of chemistry to develop a product that met her needs.  After many late nights of research and experimentation, the All Purpose Cleaner was born, followed by the Glass & Granite Cleaner and Soft Scrubbing Cleaner. But her journey was only beginning.


Theresa could not bring herself to package the new product in a plastic container. She knew too well that massive amounts of plastic crowd our landfills and pollute our oceans and rivers. But then, a lightbulb turned on. Theresa decided to partner with local businesses and wineries to collect empty wine bottles and sanitize them for reuse. She started an online fundraiser for the cause and received more than $1,000 in donations.




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