Imagine a small and beautiful market with ONLY the healthiest foods, ONLY the best local meats and produce... only the essentials. Imagine zero added packaging, zero unnecessary chemicals and zero WASTE. Now, imagine it is in one of the most beautiful locations in McKinney, TX: Adriatica Village.


This dream is becoming a reality! 

Elemental essentialz

Safe, Zero-Waste Household Essentials

Elemental Essentialz develops safe, effective and zero-waste household cleaning products. In an effort to improve health and waste nothing we offer two innovative, yet simple, solutions.


Our package:

It's gorgeous, different and reusable. It's glass. This unique approach offers the only zero-waste option for household cleaners and conservatively could eliminate millions of pounds of plastic waste yearly.


Our products:

Safe. Simple. Effective. Elemental Essentialz is proud to list all of our ingredients right on the bottle. Not many cleaning products do. We hope to help change that part of our industry.

Where to buy

Find us in your favorite local grocery stores!

Find us at FRESH by Brookshire's

Sometimes the planets align and something wonderful occurs.  That is exactly what happened when a childhood friend contacted me and shared with me the wonders of FRESH. Immediately I realized this super eco-friendly grocery store was a perfect match for EE.  Luckily, they agreed.



Find us SOON at Whole Foods Market  - Highland Park 


The final details are still being hammered out, but we are super excited to be available in this amazing location.



WOW! All of Texas, here we come! 

Central Market is bringing Elemental Essentialz to 8 new cities all over this great state.  We can't wait to vist, especially now that it is cooling down.


We are getting so many great questions!

We have many of the answers and have put them here.  Some answers are out there waiting to be found. As we find the best answers we will add them. Maybe your question has already been answered. Please check our FAQs for a quick answer to your question.


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